Vikramsolar Logo

Vikram Solar is an internationally acclaimed enterprise which specializes in manufacturing of PV solar modules. It is part of the Vikram Group of companies, boasting of a glorious history of over 40 years in engineering and manufacturing activities. Having built a strong foundation in the sustainable energy market and being one of the front-runners among leading solar PV module manufacturers, Vikram Solar has not only fostered innovation but has built trust, honesty and social responsibility.

MPI Logo

MPI has been supplying OEM high quality parts for the last more than 15 years. MPI represents engine component manufacturers who supply parts to the OEM. By sourcing from these component manufacturers, MPI is able to build a comprehensive package for any engine. MPI offers warranty of parts which often exceeds the warranty period offered by engine builders.

Fluxa Logo

Forty years ago Fluxa Filtri was founded by a family of entrepreneurs who had the foresight to choose and introduce specialists able to deal with the problems of Industry and Research. Over the years Fluxa Filtri have made their way into fields as far apart as Pharmaceutical to Food & Beverage, Chemical to Petrochemical, Electronic to Biotechnology, Medical to Inks & Paints.

Envirogen Logo

The Envirogen Group of Companies deliver 21st century environmental technology and process solutions that combine their vast experience in water, air and process development with a track record of exceptional performance, allowing them to deliver long-term, guaranteed solutions in a broad range of treatment and process-related applications.

Colmas Logo

Colmas s.r.l. is one of the leading manufacturers of heat exchangers, air coolers & pressure vessels. Based out of Milan, Italy they specialize in industries such as Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals. Years of experience has positioned them as a highly reliable and cost effective supplier.

Ferrari Logo

Ferrari Ventilatori Industriali S.p.A was founded in 1960 in Arzignano, Vicenza, by Antonio and Mario Ferrari and has stood out in the market for more than forty years with a range of technologically advanced products. With a completely Italian-made production output, Ferrari Ventilatori is a European point of reference in the field of low, medium and high pressure industrial ventilation.

Optimax Logo

Incorporated in Singapore, Optimax was promoted in the year of 2007 by three value driven & immensely passionate professionals (who gave up their flourishing career with McKinsey Belgium, Bain USA & RCL UK).

Today Optimax enjoys a market reputation as a consulting firm that does not write reports or prescribe bookish advice but one who delivers touch & feel real time results that directly relates to the bottom line profitability.

cm logo

Located in Sarasota Florida, CM has been pioneering the development of tire recycling systems since 1982. CM was the first company to develop “turnkey” systems specifically designed for the reduction of scrap tires with the intent on creating valuable end products, commonly known today as tire derived materials. CM’s in depth knowledge of markets for products derived from scrap tires has given them the leading edge in developing tire recycling systems that create value for our customers. Over the years they have worked closely with their customers, leading industry professionals and numerous industry associates to assist in the development of innovative market driven solutions for tire derived materials.